AP Little Library is a digital give a book, take a book website for e-books. Books on this site are treated as though they were physical, meaning that when someone takes a book, it becomes unavailable to be downloaded.

Books that can be given and are available here are in the following file formats:
with 10MB maximum file size.


You can view the available books on the home page of the site in exactly the way that they were provided by others. Items listed show the title, author (if provided), and the file type of the book, and clicking the item will reveal more information about the book, including the contributor and the contributor's reason for adding the book.

While browsing, you will notice that there is a number in the top left corner of the website that shows how many people are currently looking at the library, including you. This number updates in real time as people come and go. If you are looking at a book and someone takes it, you will be notified that it was taken and will not be able to take it yourself. Please note that you cannot see what another person might be looking at, so the same thing happens to others when you take a book they are looking at—it is not a personal sleight against you if a book is taken.

You can also browse the history of the shelf and see what books had once been in the library as well as what the contributor wrote about it.


When looking at a book's information, you will notice a "Take Book" button. Clicking that will allow you to start the download process.

After confirming that you understand, a new button labeled "Download" link will appear. Click it to start the download to your device. As soon as you confirm that you understand, the book will instantly become unavailable to anyone else viewing the library! If you leave or even refresh the page before downloading the file, it will be unavailable. Once you leave the page after clicking the "I understand" button, the file is deleted from the server.

Please be careful, considerate, and responsible so you do not accidentally lose the file forever.


When you give a book, in addition to the file itself, you are required to include the title of the book and your reason for giving it. You are encouraged to include your thoughts about the book when giving your reason. While it is not required, you are encouraged to also include the author of the book and your own name.

When your book is taken from the shelf, the data that you entered when giving it will remain in the History listing so that anyone can look at what books had been on the shelf at one time and see what the contributor thought about it.


This instance of Little Library can be followed by any account in the Fediverse using the ActivityPub protocol! (That includes services like Mastodon, Pleroma, Misskey, and many others!) Accounts following this shelf will see whenever books are added to or removed from the shelf right from their timeline.

In order to follow this shelf, just search for either shelf@ap2.library.alamantus.com or https://ap2.library.alamantus.com/activitypub/actor from your server's interface (in Mastodon, type one or the other of the above into the Search bar until it pops up under "People"). Then just click the Follow button after it shows up, and you will see update messages in your timeline whenever they are made!

Note that Little Library only accepts Follow and Unfollow requests. You can Like/Favorite/Boost messages, but it will only be for your benefit—Likes and Boosts are not stored or displayed on the post. Likewise, messages sent to AP Little Library will not be received.